Featuring a cast of genuine magicians, mentalists, and mediums.

Featuring a cast of genuine magicians, mentalists, and mediums.

Featuring a cast of genuine magicians, mentalists, and mediums.

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Good Times

Relax and unwind at our vibrant beer garden,

where every sip brings joy.

Step through the secret door as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's personal guest, and experience an electrifying evening that blends magic with the supernatural (and a dash of bitters).

At the heart of the soirée, witness the enigmatic Margery, a medium whose powers are the talk of the town, as she faces the ultimate challenge—convincing none other than the skeptic Harry Houdini of her genuine connection to the world beyond through a series of supernatural tests.

Will she turn Houdini into a believer? Or better yet, you?

The talking board says YES.

Regarding Your Experience

Important Information regarding your visit to The Spirits' Speakeasy.

Age Restriction

 "The Spirits Speakeasy" isn't just an event—it's an experience crafted for the bold, the curious, and the unabashedly adventurous. It requires you to be 21+ with photo ID.

Cleansing Policy

Yes. The space is cleansed with sage after every performance. This is a contractual obligation as the space does not want us to haunt their speakeasy.

Dress Code

The experience takes place in 1926, and period attire is highly encouraged. Otherwise, we ask that you dress as you would for an evening out.

Experience Information

The Spirits' Speakeasy is an indoor immersive experience lasting 2 hours, with early entry for VIPs and add-on ticket holders. After admission, guests will be greeted by their host, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and invited to partake in the libations on offer. Throughout the soiree you will witness and possibly be the subject of acts of magic, mentalism and mediumship that will make you question what is real and what is merely illusion. Following the culminating seance, guests are welcome to continue enjoying their libations in the Houdini lounge.

You are in for a night of connection to both the living and the great beyond. While every section will experience one of Margery's infamous tests, witness incredible live magic, and hear the live music from the VIP Club Room stage, every section is a unique experience.

For the ultimate VIP experience, we suggest seating in the VIP Club Room for intimate access to the magicians, medium, and music.

Food & Beverage Information

There is no food & beverage minimum. However, we dare you not to try the curated craft cocktails or absinthe parade for larger groups.

Consider adding-on a custom beverage package.

Service & Roaming Room Information

The speakeasy features two bars, one in the Houdini room and one in the VIP Club Car. Guests are welcome to order drinks at either bar, and VIP guests have dedicated table service for beverages.

Our roaming room guests will order directly at the bar.

Special Group Experiences

For groups of 6 or more, we highly recommend reserving one of our private club cars in the VIP club room featuring two way mirrors where guests can see the action, but have a secluded experience if they desire.

We offer a variety of special upgrade experience packages for groups and special occasions. Consider adding-on an absinthe parade, bottle service, private tarot reading, or one of our curated packages for a night to die for.


The speakeasy is located on the ground floor and does not require going up any stairs.

Reservation Information

Once you have completed your order, be sure to view your receipt to confirm your date and time. You will not be issues physical tickets. You may check-in at Sincerely, Ophelia upon arrival. We require the name on the reservation to match one of the guests in attendance, with proof of photo ID. All guests must be 21 and older.

All ticket purchases are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges.

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